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Pratical techinque capacties

2003-2004One year stay in Japan in order to improve Japanese language skill and study Japanese working methods. Worked in several Japanese factories for Bress Staff according to needs expressed by industry

2000 Training Computer Maintenance, Web Site design with Dream Weaver, Flash, Hmtl, and Photoshop at the AFCT training center Lille (France)

1999 Training Sales methods for computer and multimedia equipment at the CTC training center (Lille, France)

1997 Articles for a small-scale non-professional monthly for Japanimation fans (Babylon) run with friends

Responsibility for checking and monitoring of sound equipment during international congresses and symposia at Lille III University.

1996 Training in data processing of multi-lingual bibliography at the Agence de l Eau Artois-Picardie (Water Board) Douai, France


1995 Interpreter French-Polish/Polish-French during exchange trips to and from Poland by students of Applied Arts School Roubaix (France) and the Technology University for Textile in Czestochowa (Poland)

1995 Development of graphical skills during traineeship with Buf Company (Publicity) Paris

Little extra

- Highly motivated to start a long term professional career

- Knowledge of several foreign languages : French, English, Japanese (in reading, in writing and spoken), some Chinese, Polish and Dutch

-Familiar with personal computers and Apple, Windows Os (95/98/98se/Me/2000/Xp family/Professional) and Windows Japanese version.

- Well acquainted with Internet, MSN & AIM (person-to-person communication software).

- Up-dating of computer hard ware and software, virus checking, assistance in making back-ups and data saving on CD &DVD (R&RW)

- Computer graphic effects for pictures, design and realization of Web sites

- Checking and evaluation of Japanese video games

- Cinema, Japanese pop music, skiing and jogging fan .


1992-1995 Graduated in Animation in 1994 (Higher School of Applied Arts, Roubaix, France)

1996-1998 Three years Japanese language and culture at University Lille III

1999- 2001 Training in applied computer sciences hardware, Training in applied computer sciences - software

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